Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ashley's Senior Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Have you ever had a memory that is indelibly etched onto your brain? An image so strong that the simple utterance of a name can trigger that exact same picture each and every time? That's precisely what happens to me every single time I hear the name Ashley. No matter who the Ashley is, whether I know her or not, my brain collects the same image without fail...

This photo has been taped to the wall above Ashley's mom, Julie's desk ever since, and probably before, I started working with her about 6 years ago. I've seen many more recent pictures of Ashley. I've seen her suspended mid-stride in her cross country uniform as her mom's screensaver for years. I've seen her sitting on the lawn of Arcadia Bluffs in a frame on her mom's desk. Most recently a photo of her on the beach with the sunset reflecting in her aviators. The thing is, whenever I see a photo of her all grown up in a gorgeous prom dress or waving from a sailboat, I get a little jolt of reality because the above picture was my first introduction to Ashley. If this is how I feel and I only know her through photos, a few phone calls, and the occasional snow day when she had to come to work with her mom....then how must you parents feel as you watch your babies grow? Well, I had the same jolt of reality when I browsed through Ashley's senior pictures. So, mom and dad...grandma and grandpa, here's your girl, all grown and gorgeous.

The rest of your photos will be posted to the website very soon!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Savory Wedding Sneak Peek

It was a gorgeous day, which is really an understatement. Hats off to all you brides who plan outdoor weddings, you must have nerves of steel. But sometimes the gamble pays off and it paid off big time for Josh and Gina's outdoor ceremony. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous setting, gorgeous all around! The Savory's wed at the Lake Bluff Audubon Society in Manistee, Michigan. The location is stunning, the grounds and the house. Everything about it is a photographers paradise. Let us show you around...

The Audubon house produced endless beautiful backdrops as everyone started getting ready.

Time to head out  too the ceremony!

Congratulations Josh and Gina!